Salt Cleansing

Salt Cleansing

There’s a million ways to cleanse - I’ll be going over one at a time in each newsletter of ‘Witch, What?’ that we put out. This is the best way to get these articles as soon as the month turns, with some articles going up on the website late in the month. Only available in person at the 400 Market every weekend!

Today, it’s salt cleansing that we're taking a quick look at!

Salt is a wonderful and natural way to draw out negativity and cleanse crystals and people of bad energy and curses. 

If you’re using it for stones, you simply fill a bowl or plate with salt and place your items on that salt. Leave it overnight. In the morning, retrieve your stones and crystals, cleansed and ready to attune to your energy.

But! You should always check where your crystals are on the MOHS hardness scale. If your stone is softer than salt - like fluorite or selenite for example - the salt can scratch your crystals!

If you want to use salt to cleanse a person, it’s as simple as a ritual bath. Prepare a mixture of epsom and regular salt. You can get fancier with it if you like, so long as there is salt. Have a bath, making sure to take at least twenty minutes letting the salt water cleanse your skin of what you need to be rid of, and purifying your being.

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