Red Clover & Flower Cleansing

Red Clover & Flower Cleansing

The two articles originally appeared in the June edition of our newsletter "Witch, What?" You can pick up the latest edition at our booth at the 400 Market in Innisfil, Ontario or you will receive one free with an online order!

In bloom this month

The world is exploding into life all around us! Nature is abundant with flowers and early fruits and veggies. Here in Ontario, you’ll find red clover blooming this month! Taller than the white clover that suburbanites are so used too, this flower is edible and quite magical. The petals added to a ritual bath bring favourable financial arrangements. You can also burn the dried plant for fortune, success, and love, or you can sprinkle it on the floor to repel negative energies.

Cleansing with Flowers

The method of cleansing I’ve chosen to go over this month is flower cleansing. This is a lovely form of cleansing that you don’t hear about enough!

You can fill a jar or bowl of dried flower petals, place what you wish to cleanse in the petals, and leave overnight. The flowers draw out negativity and infuse your crystal or other item with sweetness and light. You can do this on a larger scale for yourself as well! You would use flowers that are safe for your skin and have a lovely flower bath. (Pro-Tip: Use a drain hair catcher to prevent the petals from going into your pipes, or fill a muslin bag with the flowers instead of leaving them loose!)

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