Moss Pink Magic

Moss Pink Magic

This article originally appeared in our April 2023 edition of Witch, What? (under the article title "April's Moon & Bloom"), a newsletter for witches of all experience levels which you can pick up in person at our stores or receive for free with an online order. It includes information like that month's full moon, any Wheel of the Year holidays coming up, what is in bloom that month, and helpful articles like this one! These articles will not appear on our blog until the following month (or later), so if you want to get them right away, make sure to drop by our booth at the 400 Market, at our shelf at Little Shoppe Treasures in the Oshawa Markets, OR buy a digital copy through our online store!

The full moon on April 5th-6th has many other names, but “Pink Moon” is the most popular, referring to the blossoming of wild phlox. This moon reflects the “blossoming” and “thawing” of our lives, in which we start to come out of our shells again and leave behind Survival Mode.

Moss Pink, or Phlox subulata, is a native plant here. It is an evergreen perennial and a hardy survivor, 10-15 cm in height, that often grows on trampled ground where other plants cannot thrive. The prolific pink flowers are beloved by hummingbirds. It is associated w/ the element of Air, the planet Venus, & the sign of Libra.

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