Making Magical Water

Making Magical Water

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Whether for cleansing, spellwork, or some other purpose, many witches & magical-types like to make water extra magical.

First, water is collected, either from the tap, from rain, from a river or stream, from a lake or natural pool, from a sea or ocean, etc. Each of these bring with them the energies of their sources. Then, the water may be charged at certain times or with certain materials.

For example, Storm Water is usually sourced from heavy rain- storms and used for powerful cleansing and banishing. War Water is often made with storm water from a powerful thunderstorm and then adds iron nails and other ingredients for protection and cursework. Moon Water is made by charging any water under the light of the moon (usually a full moon), and Sun Water is charged in the light of the sun.

There’s many kinds and hopefully this gives you some ideas!

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