Lilacs & Drying Flowers

Lilacs & Drying Flowers

The two articles originally appeared in the May edition of our newsletter "Witch, What?" You can pick up the latest edition at our booth at the 400 Market in Innisfil, Ontario or you will receive one free with an online order!

In bloom this month

This month you might see lilacs beginning to bloom all around you! Lilacs have a beautiful, delicate scent, and they’re perfect to bring in the promise of new, sweeter beginnings, new love, banishing negative energy, and for protection. Plant it on your property to protect your home from ill intent, malevolent spirits or misfortune. Bring some cut branches and keep it in your home in a vase to bring that beautiful energy in - this is perfect right after some spring cleaning and cleansing!

How to dry flowers

Method 1: Tie them together at the stems and hang them upside down somewhere with good airflow. Give it a few days to a week, and they’ll dry like that.

Method 2: Small flowers can be spread out on a paper plate or paper towel and leave them for a few days to a week, and they’ll dry up on their own.

Of course, if you have a dehydrator, that’s much easier - but if you already have one of those, why did you keep reading this?

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