Dandelion Release Ritual

Dandelion Release Ritual

This article originally was originally written by Kendra for our May 2023 edition of Witch, What? Instead, to save space, only a small section of this article was used, joined with information about the Flower Moon. This version here is the original article as written by Kendra.

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I spend a bunch of time on Facebook witch groups, and stumbled across a post suggesting that one release helium balloons as a magical ritual to release pent-up resentment and anger. The theory behind such a practice is sound, but one thing we must keep in mind as witches, healers, and spiritual practitioners is how what we do affects the world around us.

Helium is in short supply and is needed for medical technology, and a released balloon is just litter wherever it eventually ends up. In releasing a toxic emotion from yourself, you contribute to two problems affecting other people.

So, instead, I wanted to share a much more environmentally friendly practice to release energy and emotions you don’t need or want. Pick a dandelion that’s gone to seed - fluffy and white. Hold onto it and charge that dandelion with what you want to release. When you feel like the moment is right, blow on the dandelion and let those emotions scatter with the seeds, to find home in the ground and contribute to new life somewhere else.

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