Black Salt, What Is It?

Black Salt, What Is It?

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Black salt is a traditional method of protection. While there is some naturally black salt, in witchcraft circles you’ll usually be talking about the kind of black salt that you make. Combine your typical white salt with any of the following: ashes, charcoal powder, soil, and/or iron filings. The more connected with you and your effort, the better protection it will be for you. If you buy the pre-made black salt from us at Witch Plz, we intend for you to add in something extra (such as ash from incense that you burn, for example).

You can include black salt in spell jars, lay it out in a dish with a protective crystal, or even sprinkle it between your mattress and boxspring if nightmares are a problem. There’s many more ways to use black salt, including some baneful magic.

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