Witch Plus Consignment

We now rent out consignment spaces in a booth directly across from us at the 400 Market in Innisfil, Ontario! In fact, it's our old booth!

Just like our own booth, this one will be open every Saturday and Sunday and will have a close eye kept on it. It will offer our customers the opportunity to shop a wider range of items appealing to the witchy, new age, and spiritual community and allows us to support more artists and makers than we would ever be able to wholesale from.

As a consigner, you will pay once a month, at the beginning of the month, to rent your space (a hook, shelf, cabinet, or multi-tier display). Then, for each purchase a customer makes of one of your products, we take 20% to cover taxes, card fees, and packaging. This pricing structure means that your space rental pays for the renting of the booth, and the purchase fees pay for any costs we take on for processing your purchase.

Upon signing up as a consigner, you will have a contract to sign either in-person or digitally. (You can review a copy of the contract here.) Then, when you bring in inventory (or we receive your inventory, if you must ship your product), we will fill out an inventory sheet to keep strict record of your inventory. This holds us accountable for any product that might go missing; you absolutely will be compensated for stolen product as it was our responsibility to keep an eye on things.

You will be paid out for your items sold twice a month. If you elect to receive an electronic payment, it will be on the 15th and the 30th. If you elect to receive cash payment (available only to consigners who can show up in person), then it will be when you are able to come in. We can also automatically apply your earnings to the next month's rental if you so choose.

Shelves, Cabinets, and Multi-tier Displays come with 10.8cm x 14cm signage (with exception of "spice rack" shelves, which will have smaller, business card-size signage) with your name &/or the name of you business, a description of you &/or your business (if provided), a photo of yourself OR your business logo, and any contact information provided. You can view examples here. On most shelves, cabinets, and multi-tier displays, you are free to place business cards, if you provide the cards and a holder for them.

Rental fees are MONTHLY. Any option marked "out of stock" is currently rented already.

Please contact Kendra at witchplz@icloud.com or by using the chat function if you have any questions or would like to make arrangements.


Hooks are 15 cm long and feature a tag that will have your business name on it. You can see an example photo with stickers by Abe.X Draws. Hooks may be subject to being moved slightly to best accommodate different products. Hook rental is $5 each, or you can rent 5 hooks for $20.

There are 3 hooks on the outlet side of the pillar, 6 on the "front" side of the pillar, two on the right wall (between Blue Cabinet and Live Edge Shelf), 1 on left wall above & to the right of the BIG Display (currently unavailable), and 1 on left wall to the left of the BIG Display. You can pick which hook you want, but you don't have to pick if it doesn't matter to you.


Tiny Shelf

This antique spice rack cannot hold a lot of weight but is an eye-catching way to show off small products. The shelf is 28cm wide by 5cm deep and is 1.4m above the floor. It can only handle lightweight items. Renter will have use of the two small drawers, but be advised that they are not secured; they come all the way out pretty easily.

Tiny shelf rental is $10. Signage will provided either directly below or above the shelf. Business cards might could be placed in a drawer.


Divided Shelves

These shelves feature six sections each, and we rent by the section OR by the shelf. Each section is $10, or an entire shelf of 6 sections is $50. Each section is 14cm wide and 27cm deep. There is a slot at the front of each section which will accommodate an acrylic divider if needed. Signage directly above your section(s) will be provided. If you would like to supply business cards, they will be placed within your section.

The higher shelf is 1.21m off the ground. The lower shelf is 0.75m off the ground. Shelves cannot handle a lot of weight. Items pictured will be removed from rented sections.


Small Pedestal Shelf

This shelf has a wooden semicircle-shaped surface supported by a metal pedestal. The wooden surface of the shelf is 21cm wide and 10 cm deep and the centre. It is 1.85m off the ground. It can hold medium weight objects (~3lb total). Signage will be provided, either directly below or above the shelf. We do not recommend business cards for this shelf, due to size. Renting this shelf $15.

The item pictured on the shelf is just to show you how an item may look on it, it is not included and will be removed upon rental of this shelf.


Pantry Shelves

This shelf was once someone's DIY pantry rack, but is now our display! This one can be rented for $15 per shelf, but if you want to rent the whole thing, that is $80.

This display features 6 shelves, all 58cm wide and 6.5cm deep with a security rail in front to keep items from falling off. Shelves vary in height from 12-16cm, with the tallest shelves at the bottom. Provided signage will be business card sized and affixed to shelf railing, unless you rent the whole display, then you will get normal signage above the display.


Sturdy Shelf

This shelf can take a bit more weight than our other small shelves, though should not feature items over ~5 lb total. It is 50cm wide, 14cm deep, and is 1.77m off the floor. It is $25 to rent.

Provided signage will be either directly above or directly below. There is enough room on the shelf to display business cards, if you wish. Items shown on the shelf in the photo will be removed upon rental.


Doll Carriage

This spooky wood & metal doll carriage is the perfect place to display stuffies or other pile-able objects. Display space within the carriage is roughly 44cm deep by 14-20cm wide. Despite being a low display, it is very eye-catching, and we've received constant comment on it since we first brought it in, so we're sure your products will be noticed!

Doll carriage is $25 to rent. Provided signage will either be attached to the carriage or the wall next to the carriage. It may be difficult to find space for business cards in the doll carriage.


Cute Display

This cute multi-tier display features 12 display spaces in a range of sizes. The three middle shelves are all 28cm wide. The bottom middle shelf is 11cm deep and 14cm high. The other two middle shelves are 8.5cm deep and 15 cm high, though the trim on top means the 1st shelf only has 11cm of visible height. The side cubbies are approximately 9.5cm wide, 5cm deep, and 10cm high, but there is a small amount of variance. The very top of the display is 11cm deep and can also be used as a shelf.

Rental of this display is $50. Provided signage will be placed directly above or to the right of the display. There is some room for business cards. Display should not hold more than ~7 lb total weight. Items displayed in photo will be removed upon rental.


Live Edge Shelf

This hefty pine shelf features natural bark and can hold heavier items than most of our other displays. It is 1.22m wide and 20cm deep. It is 1.78m from the floor. There is plenty of room on this shelf for almost any kind of item. Items displayed in photo will be removed upon rental.

Provided signage will be above or directly under. Rental is $60.


White Cabinet

This cabinet has four shelves, three of which are glass. Each shelf is 28.5cm wide, 6cm deep, and 11-13 cm high. Features a glass door which can be locked. Cabinet will not support heavy items. Rental is $65.

Photo does not show lock or lighting - those will be added before your rental month starts. Item shown inside will be removed upon rental. Provided signage will be directly above or below cabinet.


Glass Cabinet

This cabinet is mostly glass with mahogany-coloured wood top, bottom, and trim. It is lit by a single battery puck light, and it has a mirrored back. Wooden bottom shelf is 45.5cm wide and 16.5cm deep. The two glass shelves, which have adjustable heights are 45.5cm wide and 16cm deep. The top of the cabinet functions as a fourth shelf which is 50cm wide and 20cm deep. Bottom of cabinet is 0.73m from floor; top most part of cabinet is 1.4m from floor. Cabinet supports a lot of weight on wooden bottom shelf, but too much weight should not be placed on glass shelves.

Items shown in photo will be removed upon rental. Rental is $75. Provided signage will be directly above cabinet. Business cards could be displayed on top of cabinet. Photo does not show lock, but one will be added before your rental month starts.


Blue Cabinet

This ex-medicine cabinet is dark blue with a rich brown interior back. It features three shelves, each lit with a battery puck light. The shelves are all 35cm wide and 15cm deep, the top and bottom shelves are 15cm high, and the middle shelf is 22cm high. Because it is mostly constructed of thick wood, we have been able to secure it very well to the wall and install a hefty latch for locking, making this the most secure of our three cabinets.

Rental is $75. Item displayed in photo will be removed from cabinet upon rental. Provided signal will be placed on wooden portion of cabinet door or directly to right of cabinet.