Tiger Eye Pointed Pendulum

This tiger eye pendulum is carved with 8 sides. It ranges from 1" to 1.5" and have a 6" chain. The photo is of one example product, and the pendulum you receive may vary in size and colour.

This item is shipped directly from our store in Newmarket, Ontario.

 Tiger Eye is a kind of quartz with gold to red-brown colour, and chatoyancy (cat's-eye) that makes it very attractive when it's polished and cut to show off the 'eye'. It has a lovely silky lustre.

 A good protection stone, it's best used to protect against curses and the jealous. It's also excellent for helping you focus on your goals, realize what's attainable, and lift yourself out of a heavy funk.

It is not known when or where pendulum divination first developed. In the modern era, pendulums like this one are typically used by assigning an answer to a particular direction of swing or a type of movement, then asking it a question and awaiting it to take on the answering movement. Most typically this is done with a yes/no question, with "yes" being a lengthways movement, and "no" being a crossways movement, but some versions allow for multiple directions, while others may use circular movements. Some people prefer to use a pendulum mat, in which lines are drawn from the same connection point, and each assigned a possible meaning.

Pendulums are also used to measure time and to focus the mind in meditation.