Pride Witch Hat Acrylic Pin

Magical and proud? These acrylic pins tells everyone you are out of the closet - and the broom closet too! Witch Plz is owned and run by two women deeply in love, and we are thrilled to have pins available for a wide variety of gender and sexual identities!

The colours used for the rainbow Pride flag are from the original eight-stripe Pride flag designed by Gilbert Baker. The original flag included: Hot Pink for Sex, Red for Life, Orange for Healing, Yellow for Sunlight, Green for Nature, Turquoise for Magic & Art, Indigo for Serenity, and Violet for Spirit.

Backing cards are handmade, and so will vary in size, shape, colour, and pattern. All of our acrylic pins come with a thin plastic film on the front to help protect the pin. If this film gets too scratched-up (or you just don't like it), you can remove it to reveal the shiny acrylic beneath.