Organic Lavender

Organic Lavender

Our organic English Lavender is of premium grade quality and is sold by the quarter cup for easy use.

This item ships directly from our store in Newmarket, Ontario. Larger amounts are sold by weight, and you need to contact in order to purchase larger amounts.

Though it is called "English Lavender," lavender originates from the mediterranean region and was once called "narda" for a city in Syria. In Pliny's time, a pound of lavender blossoms would sell for 100 Roman denarii (~$304.61 CAD today).

It is a popular flavoring with delicate floral scent and flavor, and it just so happens to also ease digestion. The scent is very relaxing, and lavender also has very mild, safe-for-everyone antiseptic qualities. It has been recognized by the British Pharmacopeia for these qualities for over 200 years! Lavender is very delicate and should be brewed in water at green tea temperatures of no more than 75C.

It can be used to perfume clothing and keep away moths, flies, and mosquitos. Romans associated the plant with asps. It also happens to have a low flammability rating.

Possible Correspondences: asp, delicate, fire-resistant, food, Mediterranean region, perfume, relaxation, scent, snakes, stomach.