Organic Golden Figs

Organic Golden Figs

Our dried organic figs are sold in groups of four. These figs are of the cultivar "Conadria," which originated in Thailand, but these figs are grown in the US.

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Figs have a very rich history, being one of the first domesticated foods, and have been celebrated since early times for its beautiful foliage and its sweet fruit.

In Greece, it was one of the most important parts of their diet. Athletes would live almost entirely on it, because it improved the strength and swiftness. (Figs contain up to 50% dextrose [sugar], so this practice is similar to carbo-loading.) It was so important a staple that it was actually illegal in Greece to export the best fruit from their trees.

Figs were extremely important in Rome as well. They were dedicated to Bacchus and used in religious ceremonies. The wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus rested under a fig tree. Dried figs have been found in Pompeii, and illustrations of figs have been found in wall paintings in Pompeii.

Homegrown figs provided Roman slaves with a large portion of their diets, and among the celebration of the beginning of the year, romans would offer figs as presents. The inhabitants of Cyrene would crown themselves with wreaths of figs when they made sacrifices for Saturn, due to their belief that he discovered the fruit.

Figs continue to form a large part of the diets of people in southern Europe and western Asia. All cultivated figs are now hand-pollinated, since insects don't reliably pollinate all available fig flowers.

For health purposes, figs are good for sore throats, are very nutritive, and can act as a mild laxative. The skin and seeds are indigestible. It's been known as a remedy for boils for a very long time, with there even being an attesting to this usage in the Bible (in Isaiah 38:21).

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