Loki and Sigyn

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Loki and Sigyn

Loki and Sigyn: Lessons on Chaos, Laughter & Loyalty from the Norse Gods is an exciting exploration of the complex and captivating figures of Loki and Sigyn. Lea Svendsen offers an empathetic and comprehensive view of Heathenry with an inviting, humorous, and insightful approach. This book offers a well-rounded look at Loki and Sigyn, providing accessible content for beginners while still engaging experienced Heathens. Svendsen's charming, conversational writing captures both authoritative scholarship and her personal experiences while providing readers with a modern understanding of Loki and Sigyn. Don't miss this intriguing examination of a contentious figure!

The back of the book reads:

Uncover the Truth about Loki and his devoted wife Sigyn

This captivating book takes you deep into the infamous legacy of Loki and the quiet power of Sigyn, the goddess of loyalty and compassion. As a controversial figure in Heathenry, Loki is often approached with trepidation. But this book introduces you to his true self: a trickster, but also a loving husband and creative problem-solver.

Join Heathen author Lea Svendsen on a rich exploration of these two Norse deities, together and separate. Discover their adventures in parenthood, their complicated relationships with the other gods, and their entertaining exploits. Learn how to set up an altar to each of them, what offerings they like and how to perform rituals. You'll also enjoy compelling thoughts on Loki and Sigyn from Pagan and Heathen leaders, such as Patricia Lafayllve and Erika Wren.

Includes a foreword by Mortellus, author of Do I Have to Wear Black?

Lea Svendsen has a lifetime of experience working with the Norse pantheon. Her father and paternal grandfather were Heathens, and she's an active and respected member of the Northeast Heathen Community. As a devotee of Loki and a priestess of Sigyn, Lea has given presentations and led workshop-style discussions about them. Visit her at www.leveloki.com