Lepidolite wand

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Our lepidolite massage wands are approximately 10-12 cm long, have round ends, and are slightly wider at one end. They are made from a naturally occurring quartz-lepidolite blend that makes them a bit stronger than pure lepidolite, but you should still be careful with them. The proportions of quartz and lepidolite range with each individual piece, and you are not guaranteed to get the same wand as in the photo.

The stone for this wand was mined in India.

Lepidolite is a kind of mica which contains lithium. It is usually purple, lilac, or pink, but can also come in grey, yellow, or colourless. It gets its purple and pink colouration from traces of manganese which commonly occur in it. Lepidolite is the most common lithium-bearing mineral. It is also in making flake mica, glass, and some enamels. Like many micas, it is common to find lepidolite occurring alongside, interlaced with, impregnated with, or as an inclusion in quartz. All forms of tumbled or shaped lepidolite are from the kind impregnated with quartz, which gives it much more strength than it would normally have.

It is thought to bring about reconciliation by inducing calm and reducing negativity. It is used in spiritual journeying and is also highly associated with shadowwork due to the belief in it helping shed old, unhelpful ideas and behaviours and encouraging independence and clear thinking. Some people use it for helping them focus.

The name "lepidolite" means "scaley stone," a name it earned with its natural appearance.