Incense Bundle

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Our dried incense bundles are harvested from plants we grow in our own garden. Tied into sticks with pure cotton cords, you can burn these a bit at a time to release the natural, lovely scent of each ingredient.

Light one end, let it burn for a few seconds, then blow it out and let it shoulder, just the embers of the fire so the smoke can waft out with the scent of the bundle.

Mugwort is the main component of the three bundles we have currently available. A wonderful herb for protection and repelling malignant influences, connecting with the moon and spirits associated with the moon, or for dream work. 

Sweet Woodruff has a lovely vanilla scent, which leads it to often be used for special May Day punch. It's also used for protection, as well as attracting money and fertility.

Lavender, as I'm sure you know, has a calming, peaceful scent, perfect for relaxing and bringing calm.

Chokecherry is a wild cherry that grows right next to our house. It's perfect for love, intuition, and stability.

Clove Pink (carnations) and roses are both symbols of love and caring, and used for both of those purposes. Clove pinks are associated with Diana, Roman goddess of the moon.