Heulandite Rough Pieces

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These rough pieces are about two to three inches in length and have soft orange patches of heulandite. Each piece is unique and individual.

Heulandite is a silicate mineral found in basalt cavities. It’s a kind of zeolite. It has a MOHS hardness of 3-3.5 which basically means that it’s somewhat fragile and you should avoid dropping it.

Heulandite is a high-vibration stone that is often used to work through past memories and disentangle your emotions from bad experiences and toxic relationships. The stone also helps with opening the connection between head and heart, helping the two work together and you to become more balanced. Some find it helps protect your heart and ability to forgive & love, as well as connect with the earth around you and attract positive thoughts.

It helps you meditate to go through your memories and experiences to try and unlearn bad habits and change ingrained behaviours. Some use this stone to unlock the messages within their dreams, to open oneself up to divine guidance during meditation, and even helping connect with spirit guides. (Not spirit animals, that’s a closed culture thing. A spirit guide may present as an animal, but that’s still a guide, not a spirit animal.) It’s also used in past-life work to help you find and end negative cycles you’ve been repeating without knowing.

Possible correspondence: distance from toxicity, purging toxicity, past life work, balance, connection, heart, love, forgiveness, earth, positivity, divinity, openness, meditation, habits, dreams, positivity, fragility, emotional strength, Hestia.