Herkimer Diamond in the Matrix (Quartz)

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Within the matrix stone it was found in, you can see a herkimer diamond peeking out. The herkimer diamond stone itself in each piece is very small, between 1-4 grams and 4-10 mm, and may be imperfect - having more than 18 facets thanks to "spur growths" of extra quartz. They may sometimes have inclusions as well. Our Herkimers must be from Herkimer county, and they must have very good clarity.

You are not guaranteed a specific Herkimer diamond on purchase. You may not receive one of the ones pictured about. What you receive, however, will be of the same quality and matching the description above.

The Herkimer diamond is not actually a diamond but instead a special kind of double-terminated quartz, known for being very clear and having, ideally, 18 facets. (You sometimes get triple- or quadruple-terminated Herkimers, which throw off that number.) Technically, these can occur anywhere, but to be a Herkimer diamond, they must be found in one of the mines occurring in Herkimer County, New York, where they are unusually common.

This small stone with remarkable clarity is believed by some to have attunement properties that allow it to connect to the soul and "stimulate metaphysical abilities." People have used it for such purposes as interplanar travel, dreamwork, past life recall, spiritual transformation. It is said to be "programmable" and to be a high-vibration stone.


 Possible correspondences: americana, astral, dream,