Happy Witch by Mandi Em

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Happy Witch by Mandi Em

This delightful book outlines activities, spells, and rituals to help any witch learn to be free, wild, playful, still, connected, and soulful through self-empowerment magic. This book is a fabric-covered hardbound edition with purple interior text.

The description on the back of the book reads:

Do you feel bored or sluggish? Depleted of energy? Or simply not your best? Let witchcraft rejuvenate your wonderful, witchy self and transform your life in the most magical way. Align yourself with your unique kind of magical happiness -- and conjure up a high-vibe life -- with Happy Witch.

Mandi Em, author of Witchcraft Therapy, will guide you on a path to building positive, uplifting energy using the unique magic within you. Discover spells and rituals to fully explore life-affirming themes like Be Free, Be Wild, and Be Playful. Learn how to invite joy into your life. After all, cultivating a life that's vivid, delicious, and ripe with joy is not only #goals -- it's your divine birthright!

Mandi Em is a freelance writer, solitary witch, and the author of Witchcraft Therapy. She shares approachable, funny self-help advice on her blog, Healing for Hot Messes, and resources for nonreligious witches at The Secular Witch. Her writing has been featured in The New York Times, HuffPost, SheKnows, Refinery29, McSweeney's, and more. She and her husband are born-again hippies trying to live green as f*ck while connecting with nature as they raise their three children in Vernon, British Columbia.

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