Halloween Crystal Confetti Plz

Are you into the latest crystal trend? We have our cauldron full of tiny carnelian, black tourmaline, green aventurine and amethyst chips - and a whole lot more. Watch our tiktok (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four,) to see us stock this confetti with the following:

  • Ontario agate
  • Ontario carnelian
  • Ontario amethyst
  • Ontario aventurine
  • tumbled small  golden tiger eye
  • tumbled ocean jasper
  • tumbled amethyst
  • raw black quartz
  • quartz points with inclusions
  • moon pendants
  • keys
  • golden quartz worrystones
  • iron pyrite worrystones
  • a samhain blessing jar
  • crystal quartz mini orbs
  • common opal, polished
  • white quartz chips
  • metal bats
  • halloween bells
  • quartz points
  • pyrite
  • metal bird skull pendants
  • metal dragon pendants
  • black onyx tumbles
  • mini quartz generators
  • tourmaline worry stone

Six dollars per scoop, and you can order as many scoops as you like! Your scoop will be intuitively done, and the stones meant for you will be closed up in a small organza bag.