Gold Tiger Eye Chunk

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Gold Tiger Eye Chunk

A golden chunk of tiger eye, this is a handsome addition to any stone collection. Gold Tiger Eye is especially good for helping you pay attention to details. The stone was mined in Brazil. The photo is an example of one product, and the product you receive may vary in shape, size, and colour. It will be between 2" and 3".


Tiger Eye is a kind of quartz with gold to red-brown colour, and chatoyancy (cat's-eye) that makes it very attractive when it's polished and cut to show off the 'eye'. It has a lovely silky lustre.


A good protection stone, it's best used to protect against curses and the jealous. It's also excellent for helping you focus on your goals, realize what's attainable, and lift yourself out of a heavy funk.


Possible correspondences: cats, vision, protection, detail work, energy, goals