Floral Mugwort Bundles

Our floral incense bundles are used similarly to "smudging" bundles, but they contain a variety of fresh-picked flowers and petals along with mugwort, to create happy, healthy energies. They can be used as incense or simply hung in the area where they are meant to have an effect.

  • Apple wood & blossom = health, abundance
  • Comfrey = health
  • Cowslip = positivity
  • Horehound = warding
  • Lamb's ear = gentleness, purity
  • Lavender = peace
  • Lilac = gentle love
  • Mugwort = protection
  • Peony = longevity, beauty
  • Sweet Woodruff = mood-lifting
  • Yarrow = divination, moon
    • Some bundles feature white-flowered wild yarrow and some feature yellow-flowered garden yarrow.

Remember when using as incense that the bundle is meant to smoulder, not burn. If flames occur, blow out or smother them.