Finishing Oil

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Finishing Oil

Ever cleaned your face and had it feel super tight afterward? A lot of cleansing products advertise that feeling as a sign of cleanliness, but it actually means that the skin has been over-cleaned and has become very dry now. The skin actually needs some oil in it, and so it will try to correct that tight feeling by over-producing sebum, leading you to feel oily or sweaty again and even causing breakouts!

One way of combating this is to finish your cleansing regimen with a "finishing oil," hence the name. Our superlight grapeseed formula absorbs well into the skin without becoming uncomfortable! Just a couple drops from the dropper onto your fingertips and then massaged into your face will keep your skin feeling hydrated without causing breakouts. We even included a smidge of lavender to help keep your skin clean and fresh!

Our finishing oil is typically sold in 30ml dropper bottles as a little goes a long way, but if you would like a larger amount, feel free to send a request to

Warning: Nickel allergies can be triggered by natural cosmetic ingredients derived from seeds and nuts.