Digital Playing Card Reading

We now offer card readings! Provided by Jess, our resident diviner with years of experience, you can purchase an online playing card reading! These readings can be read with a question provided by you or no information provided by you at all.

Online readings are considered a "digital order." Within a few days, you will receive your "digital item" of a .pdf file with the details of your reading and a photo of your cards to prove the reading really happened. Because doing these readings takes effort, sometimes there are delays. You will be contacted if it seems your order will take longer than 5 days, just so you know that you’re not forgotten. For $4 extra, you can also receive a higher quality photo (~3MP) of your reading posed with props for posting to social media, if you like.

Basic readings are 3 cards. You can ask a question if you want, but the cards may not answer it. Playing card readings just don’t really work that way. Any questions asked should be in a yes/no format, as that is what playing cards are best at addressing. Playing cards are not very nuanced. You do not have to ask a question or tell me anything.

Triple readings are 9 cards in three rows of three. They address multiple topics or tell how an issue might evolve over time. If you like, each row can also be assigned to a different person or a different question. Any questions asked should be in a yes/no format, as that is what playing cards are best at addressing. Playing cards are not very nuanced. You do not have to ask a question or tell me anything.

Pick a deck - If you would like to pick which deck is used for your reading, you can see them in the photos above and also they are listed in the “How to pick a deck” tab, along with details about each deck’s personality and strengths. If you do not care, you can select the “any” option at the top. Jess is happy to select the deck she feels to be most appropriate for you.

Pick a reading type - You can choose a “Basic Reading” (3 cards) or a “Triple Reading” (9 cards). A triple reading goes more in depth than a basic reading and covers more topics.

Add-ons - Right now, we allow the add-on of having a higher quality photo taken of your reading with props, so that you can post it to social media. If there are other add-ons you would like, you can feel free to e-mail us about it at

Your question - If you ordered a Basic or a Custom reading, you can include your question or details of your issue in the “special instructions” part of your order, or you can simply wait for Jess to email you first.

Honestly, we only let you pick the deck because that's what some buyers want, but the best choice if you have a specific question is to use the "Any" option. In that case, Jess will pick the deck she thinks is best for your situation. But if you want to choose which deck is used for you, here are the options:

Plain Cards - Undecorated and uncomplicated. These have simple answers with no extra context.

Calaveras playing cards - This deck is a simple playing card deck with court illustrations of various calacas. It is read like a typical playing card deck. It is best used for topics of death, strife, and resistance.

Arcana Tarot Playing Cards - This deck mixes in the major arcana and court cards of tarot with plain pips of playing cards. It's read in the style of playing card readings but can give extra meanings and more specific advice by throwing tarot cards into the mix if the deck feels like that’s what's needed.

Illuminated Tarot - Rather than adding tarot cards to a playing card deck, this deck contains only the 53 cards of a playing card deck (including Joker), but also enfolds major arcana of the tarot on top of relevant cards. The images are striking and evocative and often relate to duality or to nature. These often give in-depth meanings, sometimes deeper than you actually want to dig.

Our modern playing cards, featuring 52 cards in four suites (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades) which feature numbers 1-10 and then three court cards (Jack, Queen, King), originate to the late 1700s, and, as far as we can tell, started being used for divination not too long after. It shares many commonalities with tarocchi (four suits of numbered cards and a set of court cards for each suite) and shares a common history, but it lacks tarocchi’s allegorical trump cards.

There are many ways in which playing cards can be read, but the most popular tradition reads them in sets of 3 or 9, from left to right and from top to bottom. Red cards are given positive meanings, while black cards are given negative meanings. Hearts tend to be about love and family, diamonds tend to be about finances and worldly goods, clubs tend to be about troubles and labour, and spades tend to be about affliction and war. The numbered pip cards reflect certain ideas, while court cards tend to reflect certain characters.