Citrine Points

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Citrine Points

Citrine points between 7/8'' to 1 1/8''. Perfect accents for spells, crystal grids, and energy work. 

Citrine is yet another form of quartz coloured by minerals to turn it into a whole new stone. The fascinating thing about citrine is that it's actually the same stone as amethyst, but an immense amount of heat and pressure underground make it change colours! There are altered amethysts on the market that have been "baked" to become citrines. They're still basically the same stone, but there are subtle differences in structure and colour, and a lot of people feel tricked if they end up with a "heat-treated amethyst." That is why we make sure to stock mined citrines.

There's a misconception out there that "real citrines" are not related to quartz or amethyst. This comes from warnings about heat-treated amethyst getting warped and misconstrued as they travelled via word-of-mouth. ALL citrines are quartz, and ALL started their lives as amethysts. But some changed colour due to heat & pressure in the earth, and some change colour due to industrial "baking." Again, we stock the earth-made kind, but it's important to understand what's really going on.

Citrine is found in Brazil, Canada, France, Madagascar, Russia, UK, & USA. It is strongly associated with the sun and with good fortune. There is a belief that keeping in or near check-outs and cash registers brings in customers and that keeping it in pockets, wallets, or purses brings money. It first became a valued gemstone ~300 BCE, though it was used for low-value jewellery before then.

Because of its connection to quartz and amethyst, citrine is highly connected to clarity of thought as well. However, where as amethyst and clear quartz can be more calm and meditative, citrine's sunny disposition makes it great for increasing optimism and energy, casting boundaries & wards, clearing negativity, and guarding against nightmares.

Possible correspondences: Clarity, Energy, Fire, Fortune, Gold, Happiness, Iron, Money, Sun.