Blue Onyx Chunk

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A piece of rough blue onyx, between 2" and 3" in size. Easy to hold and has a unique energy.

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Onyx is a form of banded chalcedony, just like agate; the difference being that onyx has parallel bands where agate has curved ones. Like agate, it is cryptocrystaline, meaning that silica crystals of quartz and moganite crystals grow interweaving with each other. It comes in a wide range of colours, though vibrant colours are usually artificial.

Onyx's name means "claw" for its most common colouring. It has a long history of use in hard stone carving and jewellery. It's oldest use was in Egypt, where it was made into bowls and dishes. It was also a very popular material in the Art Deco period.

Onyx is thought to be strengthening and protective, as well as helping you embrace your destiny. It helps aid in seeing relationship for what they are - helping you overcome differences or miscommunications, but also helping you see what cannot be saved. It is very grounding, and is thought to "store" memories, helping one to recount the past.

Blue Onyx has all the same energies and uses as any other onyx, but with the added meaning that comes with blue colour: aiding in finding peace, meditation, and awakening spiritual awareness.

Possible correspondence: claws, complex interweaving, decor, Egypt, finery, India, jewellery, parallels, dedication, sight, peace, connection, communication, universe, anchoring.