Black Onyx Chips

Black Onyx Chips

1'' to 2'' pieces of black onyx stone, the black colour is dark, with streaks of gold, dusty red and brown through several of the stones. Each piece is very unique.

This item ships from our store in Newmarket, Ontario.

Onyx is a form of banded chalcedony, just like agate; the difference being that onyx has parallel bands where agate has curved ones. Like agate, it is cryptocrystaline, meaning that silica crystals and moganite crystals grow interweaving with each other. It comes in a wide range of colors, though vibrant colors are usually artificial.

Onyx's name means "claw" for its most common coloring. It has a long history of use in hard stone carving and jewelry. It's oldest use was in Egypt, where it was made into bowls and dishes. It was also a very popular material in the Art Deco period.

Possible correspondence: claws, complex interweaving, decor, Egypt, finery, India, jewelry, parallels.