Large Mugwort Bundles

Mugwort, yarrow, roses, lavender, all from our own garden. Bundled with cotton string.

Light one end, let it burn for a few seconds, then blow it out and let it shoulder, just the embers of the fire so the smoke can waft out with the scent of the bundle.

Mugwort is the main component of the bundles that we have currently available. A wonderful herb for protection and repelling malignant influences, connecting with the moon and spirits associated with the moon, for astral travel or spirit work, or for dream work. It may have a mild hallucinogenic effect, but there's not much risk of this when burning. When burnt, some people find its smell unpleasant; this is part of how it works, but is also why we frequently blend it with other scents. Some people have pollen allergies to mugwort. Mugwort was originally native to Eurasia and Africa. It has become "naturalized" in North America, but in some places it has become an invasive weed. We grow this ingredient in our own garden.