Himalayan Salt USB Lamp

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Himalayan Salt USB Lamp

These very small salt lamps are 3" to 5" tall. They are made from one solid piece of salt polished into an egg shape and are powered by a USB cord, making them convenient for an office environment or study area. The light within the lamp cycles between white, blue, purple, red, pink, yellow, and orange.

Colour, size, and weight vary for each lamp, and you are not guaranteed to get the exact same lamp as in the picture.

Himalayan salt candle holders and lamps take advantage of the ionic bond of rock salt, which is easily broken into charged particles by the application of heat. These particles latch on to floating debris in the air (such as allergens), which will continue collecting enough ions until the weight drops from from the air.

A lot of people think this sounds like snake-oil, but it is actually scientifically proven. Due to the hotter temperatures, candle holders are more effective than lamps, but lamps are safer and easier to use. (Lamps are still effective, even though they are less hot.) We'll be adding an article about the salt candle holders and lamps in the Almanac, so keep an eye on our social accounts to know when that's posted.

All Himalayan salt comes from the 140-year-old Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan.

Possible correspondences: air, cleanliness, earth, mountains, Pakistan, purification.