Reclaimed Douglas Fir Altar Tray

Handmade in Ontario, Canada, each one of these trays is made of reclaimed wood and is unique in pattern and origin. Meant to showcase the natural beauty of this wood milled more than 100 years ago from old growth trees. One side of each tray is left as it was to avoid removing the beautiful patina that was developed in it's former life. 

The tray is solid douglas fir, and the inside of it has rounded corners that were sanded to be perfectly smooth. The dimensions of this tray are 8.5" x 4" x 0.625".

Perfect for holding something on your altar, for a place you can charge your crystals, for displaying charms and for placing offerings on,  these trays are a unique piece of recrafted history.

*Please note that the grain & colour of the wood will vary slightly. Each tray is handmade by Hook & Stem, the talented crafters that we sourced these from, and are made from 100% reclaimed lumber and will have natural imperfections. 

**The images used on the listing are a representation of the item and do not feature the exact item that will ship.

each tray is handmade by Hook & Stem, the talented crafters we sourced these from.