Organic Rosehip

Organic Rosehip

Our dried organic rosehips are sold in quantities of two tbsps. Rosehips are the resultant fruit of the rose flower, particularly on the so-called "dog rose" which is bred for its ability to produce good fruit rather than its beauty.

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Roses now grow all over the world, but is thought that they may have originated in Persia. According to the ancient Greeks, however, it sprang from the blood of the beautiful Adonis. Whatever the case may be, roses have since been used as decor, cosmetic ingredient, food, and even medicinal herb, and there are more than 10,000 cultivated varieties of rose. Images of Cupid, Venus, and Bacchus have shown them crowned with roses, and petals were scattered in the paths of heroes and on the prows of warships as well as thrown at the festivals of Flora and Hymen, and as well it was also featured in Roman funerals. It is said that rose petals scattered across a dinner table meant that all confidences spoken there should be held to utmost secrecy.

Rosehips have a long history of being used in herbal medicine for their nutrative properties as well as positive influence on the heart, but they are no longer popular due to the difficulty of removing the flesh and seeds from the small fruit. The primary constituents of rosehips, malic and citric acid, are much more easy extracted from apples (malic acid) and lemons (citric acid). However, they are still popular as a tasty, tart addition to fruit teas and a powerful, provocative addition to spells.

Possible correspondences: Adonis, Bacchus, blood, Cupid, death, fertility, Flora, Hymen, life, love, luxury, Persia, secrecy, sex, subtle beauty, Venus, vitality, war, wealth, worldliness