Organic Einkorn Whole Kernels

Organic Einkorn Whole Kernels

Our organic einkorn kernels are sold by the quarter cup.

This item is shipped directly from our store in Newmarket, Ontario. If you require larger amounts of einkorn, please e-mail

Also known as "stone age wheat," triticum monococcum is one of the only wheats left that's still in its natural, uncultivated state and is the most primitive of all domestic wheat. It was originally grown in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.

Though it is not known to have medicinal properties, WitchPlz offers einkorn because it is so fitting for a variety of magical practices. It could be a good offering to agricultural gods, to leave out for wildlife, to magically sow in a small amount, or even in food.

Possible correspondences: agriculture, ancient era, food and family, home and hearth, time.