Organic Bay Leaf (whole)

Organic Bay Leaf (whole)

Our organic whole bay leaves are sold in batches of ten. Due to their fragility, some may be broken, but we will make sure that you get all ten leaves. Our bay leaves originate from Turkey. If kept in an air-tight container, they will retain their flavor for up to a year.

This item ships directly from our store in Newmarket, Ontario.


Due to mild abortificant and strong emmenaogue properties, bay leaf should not be ingested by anyone who is currently pregnant.

Laurus nobilis, or the bay leaf laurel, ranges in height from 10-20 meters! It's an evergreen, unisex tree with male flowers on one plant and female flowers on the other. The leaves have been used in Mediterranean cuisine since ancient times, due to the high amount of flavors and essential oils, including eucalyptol! Today, it is one of our most popular culinary herbs and is included many Italian dishes. However, one must be careful to always remove the whole leaves after cooking, as they remain sharp enough to damage delicate organs! Ground bay leaf, however, can be left in.

The flavor of bay leaf compliments beef, chicken, fish, game, lamb, lentils, rice, tomatoes, and white beans. They pair well well with allspice, citrus, garlic, juniper, marjoram, oregano, parsley, sage, savory, and thyme. It is pungent with warm and dry qualities, and is said to reduce vata and kapha doshas. It is carminative, cathartic, and expectorant.

In ancient Greece, the bay laurel was considered a symbol of Apollo and the laurel wreath was a symbol of high status. (In later Roman culture, it became a symbol for victory.) It is said that the nymph Daphne became the bay laurel tree during Apollo's pursuit of her.

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