Potion Bottles

These unique bottles have been rescued from antique shops for the use of witches! We haven't cleaned them in order to preserve their character. Below you can find descriptions of each bottle we have available. Most of these are one of a kind!

A: Clear, conical-shaped 50ml bottle with cork.

B: Slightly green, 65ml rectangular bottle with cork. Some ridges on side.

C: Clear, rectangular 85ml bottle with cork. Has decorative ridges on sides and framing the front and back.

D: Clear, rectangular 65ml bottle with cork. Has beveled edges.

E: Clear, decorative, long-necked 110ml bottle. No cork or cap. Drip opening.

F: Clear, long necked 25ml bottle. Band of green resin remains from former life. No cork or cap. Drip opening.

G: Clear 55ml bottle. Gold-coloured plastic cap.