This piece of moldavite is small, weighing a single gram. Moldavite is a form of tektite that comes from a single meteorite strike in what is now the Bohemian plateau.. It's a beautiful green colour. Those that work with it find it a powerful tool when used for dreamwork, meditation, or general energy work.

Formed out of terrestrial debris by the heat of meteorites when they strike the earth, tektite is similar to obsidian in the way it's formed, the dark colour, and the protective properties it is associated with. But tektite has a uniquely low amount of water in it's makeup, and will often have inclusions with other minerals, such as quartz, zircon and others. 

For those that work with auras, it's thought to help strengthen the aura. Their unearthly origin makes it very good for celestial work and connecting one to the universe.

If you work with crystals and have a nervous/high-strung disposition, tektite may not be the stone for you, as there are many anecdotal reports of discomfort among energy workers.

Possible correspondences: the universe, space, protection, meditation, auras