Magnetic Singing Hematite

Naturally magnetic hematite pieces, shaped to create a buzzing noise when they come together. See it in action in this video from our tiktok channel.

This item ships directly from our store in Newmarket, Ontario.

Hematite is the mineral form of Fe2O3, otherwise known as iron (III) oxide. Though it is harder than pure iron, it is more brittle. Its colour can vary widely (though the hematite we sell tends to be a silvery grey or black), but all forms leave a rust-red streak on a streak plate. This colour lead to its name, as it resembles the colour of blood.

Ochre clay is coloured using varying amounts of different kinds of hematite, and hematite was used for "red chalk," which was one of the earliest forms of writing utensil among early man. It was briefly a very popular material for jewelry in the Victorian era. Hematite has been found on the planet Mars.

One should not mix hematite with water. It is also mildly magnetic.

WARNING: Do not use magnetic products if you are pregnant or have electrical-medical implants such as a pacemaker or insulin pump.  These magnets are not intended for young children.  Keep magnets away from computer hard drives, credit cards and other electronic devices.  

Possible correspondence: blood, culture, iron, magnetism, Mars (planet), metal, mining, red, writing.