Burl Bowl

Hand carved from a burl in a tree, this bowl is perfect for offerings, holding herbs, and to go on your altar. The floral carved designs add a lovely touch. The bowl is 12cm in diameter and 5cm in height. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to figure out which type of wood this burl came from.

This item ships directly from our store in Newmarket, Ontario.

A burl or burr is a deformation in the wood of a tree, forming a rounded outgrowth on a trunk or branch. It can result from fungus, insect infestation, physical injury, or a virus. Burls form strange and beautiful patterns in the woodgrain that makes them highly valuable. The wood is very difficult to work by hand because the twisted woodgrain causes it to split and chip unpredictably. However, this same feature makes it extremely strong, making it valuable for bowls, mallets, pegs, and the like.

Possible correspondences: deformation, disease, hard-earned reward, injury, strength from adversity.