Aphrodite Delight Bath Salts

This is a bath salt combining dead sea salt, himalayan rock salt and epsom salts to create a soothing bathing experience. Ground rose petals, dulse flakes and hibiscus add soothing properties to the bathwater and help give skin a luxurious soft feeling. Almond oil dilutes the essential oils of bay laurel, ylang ylang and rose geranium to add to the delightful sense and gently moisturize the skin.

This bathsalt was formulated to help you feel luxuriant, pampered, sensual and confident. It's perfect for your devotions to Aphrodite, your personal work on feeling your own beauty, sexual workings, or just a way to treat yourself.


Best used with a mesh filter in the drain to help catch the botanicals in this product, in case you're concerned about any possible clogging. They are ground to small sizes, so use your best judgement.